The atmosphere contains over 70,000 tonnes of nitrogen over every hectare (30,000 tonnes per acre) of your soil. Your soil contains another 4,000 kg or more. But none of this nitrogen is in the form that your crop can easily use…UNTIL NOW

What is Bio-N ?
  1. Bio-N is a consortium of nitrogen fixing and companion bacteria. Able to fix atmospheric nitrogen into usable soil nitrogen, they can dramatically reduce the amount of artificial nitrogen fertiliser required. Because Bio-N has many species, the range of conditions over which the nitrogen can be fixed is extended. The species and strains in Bio-N have been carefully selected and maintained to maximise nitrogen fixation.
  2. Bio-N includes the Azotobacter species that can help reduce the amount of environmental damage by reducing the amount of artificial nitrogen needed to be applied, decreasing the amounts leached and reducing the effects on the environment.
  3. Bio-N also includes the Bacillus species that will increase the amount of phosphate available to your crop. These Bacillus species will access ‘locked up’ phosphate that is unavailable to plants and convert them to an available form, creating a larger supply of available nutrients.
  4. The companion bacteria in Bio-N aid in nutrient cycling and help provide the ideal environment for the nitrogen-fixers to perform. They also help release other nutrients, including phosphate and trace elements, into a crop accessible form.
  5. Bio-N produces Plant Growth Promoters including auxins, gibberellins and cytokinins. These stimulate plant growth, encourage strong root and green growth, without soft growth typical of nitrate nitrogen fertiliser induced flushes.
  6. Bio-N like plants, requires warmth and moisture to perform. Bio-N can continue to fix nitrogen in cold conditions but more slowly. It works best in healthy soils with good levels of organic matter, which Bio-N uses to grow. Can also be effective in soils in poor condition but more attention must be paid to ensure adequate air supply.
  7. Bio-N is environmentally friendly, no toxic chemicals are involved in its manufacture, it is 100% biodegradable. Save on carbon too – the energy used to make Bio-N is orders of magnitude less than artificial nitrogen.

These Genera have been chosen to allow the product to perform in as wide a range of soil conditions as possible – that is, we do not expect all the microbes to fix nitrogen to the same extent in all situations, but one or more of the genera should find conditions that suit their metabolism and allow them to fix nitrogen effectively.

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