Soil Extract For Lawns 1L



Soil Extract FOR LAWNS is specially formulated to stimulate high quality plant growth for all types of lawns including decorative, domestic and sports use.

Soil Extract is a 100% Natural Humic Fertiliser made from earthworm compost – a high quality NATURAL biohumus. The concentrated extract contains a full complex of humic, fulvic and amino acids with macro and micro elements, soil antibiotics, fitovitamins and micro-organisms for easy plant absorption.

Soil Extract: Improves Soil Structure which
Stimulates Germination and Root Growth for
Increased Nutrient Appropriation giving
Bright and Saturated Colour

Also: Reduces absorption of Nitrates and Heavy Metals. Helps lawns recover faster from mechanical damage, replanting and climatic conditions.

Recommended Uses and Dosage:
Dilute Soil Extract with lukewarm water (15-25 degrees C)
Apply in the evening on a non-cutting day.
For decorative lawns: 1 cap in 12 litres of water.
For sports lawns: 1cap in 9 litres of water.
Spring and Autumn fertilisation: 1cap in 6 litres of water.
Seed pre-sowing soaking (12 hours): 1 cap in 3 litres of water.

1 litre of Soil Extract = up to 400 litres of Humic Fertiliser

Recommended Application Frequency:
Decorative lawns – Once a Month
Sports Lawns – Two to Three times a month depending on use

Chemical composition: Humic acids 0.6 – 0.75%. N-P-K : 0.75% – 0.65% – 0.8% . Trace: Fe, Zn, Mg, Mn, Mo, Co, Na, Se, Va, B, S, I, Cu.

Ph : 7.5 – 8.5.


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