The soil biology is similar to gut microbiota Рboth are often forgotten, but play a vital role in health of organism. I does apply for human, cow, plant or soil.  Our understanding about function of these microbes is limited, which is common sense, knowing that there is many millions of species out there. One thing is clear Рbigger diversity means more benefit received. It can be better access to nutrients, stronger disease suppression or production of various substances, which contributes to improving health of soil, plants or other organisms.

Microbial populations are constantly changing, but they are in balance, unless it is disrupted by human activity. Will it be antibiotics for humans, or pesticides and tillage for soil, it does reduce the number of microbes, thus reducing the benefit they produce – often leading to nutrient deficiency and / or development of disease.

However, the science is constantly evolving, and we are finding new ways of utilising biology to achieve various benefits by inoculating soil with bacteria, fungi, and feeding them with perfectly balanced food source for maximum establishment.

Yes, biological farming practices is a future of agriculture, as it proves it everyday by increasing yields to more and more growers in all sectors. There is no doubt, that having your personal army in a field, which is working 24/7 to ensure, that your soil can produce its highest potential, is most cost effective and sustainable method of farming.

You can do it too! All you need to do, is to contact soil fertility specialists, test your soil, and find out, what can be done to increase soil fertility, yield and profit!