Every year a lot of nutrients are taken out from soil together with the harvest. When soil is tilled, countless beneficial micro-organisms die, making humus levels and overall soil fertility deplete. Without the right biological components present in the soil, many nutrients are being wasted, increasing erosion, and decreasing the harvest.

Usually farmers use chemical fertilisers to restore the nutrients lost from soil, where immediate effect on plant growth can be witnessed. However, chemical fertilisers cannot provide food for all beneficial micro-organisms, degrading the soil with formation of salts. As the time goes by, fertilisation becomes waste of money, because of lack of the right biological components to hold on to these added nutrients. Water courses are contaminated with leached nutrients, only causing more problems.


Every organism present in the soil plays important role in soil ecosystem, and a man should look after these organisms to ensure that the soil stays fertile, and less dependent on chemical fertilisers.


How to ensure yield while saving soil organisms?

Feed soil microbes, and build good conditions for them to thrive. This can be done with Ecoworm Humate.


Ecoworm Humate feeds plants and soil micro-organisms, while enriching soil with humic and fulvic acids, and plant growth enzymes. It also contains macro and micro nutrients, minerals, vitamins, natural antibiotics, 18 amino acids, and beneficial soil bacteria.

Ecoworm Humate captures a wide range of nutrients, which come from fertilisers, and stores them until the plant is ready to take them up, as well as unlocks many nutrients previously unavailable for plants. Moreover, it improves soil structure, increases water retention capability, and creates best conditions for beneficial micro-organisms to thrive.


Above we can see sugar beet grown in sandy (left) and clay (right) soils. All of them were sprayed with mineral fertilisers, while some of them were treated with Ecoworm Humate. We can clearly see that treated sugar beet benefited from Humate, by having higher overall mass, and stronger root system.



Vermicompost is not just another waste reduction method, because in nature there is no waste. Everything is reused and made into something of a greater value for the sustenance of life. Over 100 years ago Charles Darwin was the first to observe the effect of Earthworms and castings they produced. Benefits of vermicompost, attained through an amazing interplay of biology, chemistry and microbiology sciences, led to the production of an extraordinary soil amendment and plant nutrient. Scientific studies have proved that treating plants with extracts of vermicompost result in better plant growth and decreased instances of disease.

Ecoworm Humate is ideal if you are seeking for a product to rebuild your soil, while inoculating soil with full range of soil microbes required to cycle minerals and nutrients.



  • Increased soil fertility and structure.
  • Increased humus levels.
  • Stimulated germination, plant growth and crop yield.
  • Reduced absorption of nitrates and heavy metals.
  • Increased metabolism of micro-organisms.
  • Increased P, K, Fe, Cu, Zn, Ca uptake.
  • Greater mineral and vitamin content in crop.
  • Improved root growth.
  • Increased natural plant resistance to pests and diseases.
  • Source of humic, fulvic acids, growth enzymes, vitamins and minerals.
  • Increases resistance to drought and frosts.
  • Environmentally friendly product.
  • Soluble in water for easier, economical application and faster effect.



Ecoworm Humate is not a leachate or worm juice type of product, but a fully developed, high-quality product extracted from high grade worm castings. We ship our products all around the world, directly to you, whether you want 1L, 20L, 1000L or a truck full of IBC.
Buy directly from the producer and save!


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