Organic Golf Course Fertiliser

Soil compaction is one of the main problems in high wear areas, such as golf courses. Using Ecoworm Humate, you allow the turf stay healthy and stress free, preventing bare patches to develop from soil compaction. When the soil is compacted, turf grass is not able to put its roots down into the soil. Meaning that you will never be able to grow turf grass in bare compacted areas until they are de-compacted. 

Soil microbes live in the pore space between soil particles and coat each soil particle with a mucus layer that holds moisture. Therefore, by increasing the number of microbes in the soil and removing negative detrimental influences to microbe survival you can maintain open soil profile. However, if you kill the microbes with chemical abuse, you will have issues with soil compaction. Soil microbes also reduce pest and disease attacks on your turf grass. The microbes consume the thatch layer from under your turf grass, turning it into plant available food. This removes the area where disease spores and pests like to wait for the right time and conditions to attack your turf grass. The microbes will also move up to the turf grass itself and consume the disease spores. 

Soil microbes are essential for beautiful and healthy turf grass. Increase the level of microbes and feed your golf courses with microbial Ecoworm Humate fertiliser, which will combat all the negative impact that chemical fertilisers have caused. Full of micro-biology it will cycle the nutrients for healthy turf growth, build soil structure, as well as, reduce pest and disease attacks naturally.

Eco friendly approach on the golf fields
“We decided to take upon the organic approach and fertilise our golf fields with Ecoworm Humate. This sustainable, environmentally friendly solution has had an amazing impact on our turf quality, as well as the budget! It is amazing how something environmentally friendly, organic and most importantly this effective can be cost effective! After using Ecoworm Humate for the last 4 years, we have noticed that the need of fungicides, insecticides, and chemical fertilisers has been reduced.

Thank you Ecoworm for your great work!” 

Karin (Sweden)
Ecoworm Humate - organic certified fertiliser extracted from worm castings.

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