How to grow tomatoes?

Being able to grow tomatoes you do not need a big garden, you can even grow them in pots! However, you need to know a few tricks to get these boys round and juicy. The timing is very important. Tomatoes also require heat and should be planted in spring for a summer crop.

Tomatoes require a lot of sun, therefore choose a sunny spot that will give your tomatoes at least 6 hours of sun a day. It is also important that the soil is rich in nutrients. Make sure you fertilise your soil using organic fertilisers, which will leave a positive long-term effect on soil, as well as give your tomatoes all the essential nutrients that are required for them to grow beautifully. Using Ecoworm Soil Extract for Tomatoes & Peppers your soil structure will be immediately improved, greater mineral and vitamin content will be provided, vitamin, protein and sugar levels will be enhanced, as well as intense appearance will be given.

Tomatoes are usually planted in spring, after the frost has gone. Growing tomatoes from seed will require sowing the seeds indoors about six weeks before your area’s last frost date. Sow three tomato seeds per pot. It will usually take from five to ten days to germinate. When the first set of wavy-edged leaves show up, thin seedlings by snipping off all but the strongest one. If needed, plant seedlings into larger containers until they are ready to be planted in the garden.

Stick tomato plants deeply into the soil, and burry 2/3 of the stem itself. Roots will grow along the buried stem, which means that the plant with good roots will manage to easier find water when summer heat arrives. The distance that you should leave between the plants should be about two to three feet. Don’t forget to properly water after you are done planting! If you support your tomato plants with a tall stake, it will keep the tomatoes off the ground, and save from pests and diseases.

When it comes to watering tomatoes, give them water whenever the top inch of soil is dry. Tomato plants need more water as they increase in size and as summer heat approaches.

When a tomato is ripe, it should be fully coloured. Even if you pick a tomato that is still green, it will continue to ripe. Therefore, you can start picking tomatoes a bit early, which can protect your harvest from pests.

Store almost ripe tomatoes in a warm spot or near the window, and once they ripe fully keep them in a cool place.

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