Organic Lawn and Turf Fertiliser

Over the years Ecoworm Humate has repaired and fertilised many lawns, turf and garden grasses not just around the UK, but also all over Europe.

Growing a nice lawn or turf area is not extremely difficult, but requires an understanding that the health of your lawn depends on the soil quality. Without a healthy soil you will get disappointing results, therefore it is important to repair your soil and keep it healthy. In order to grow a healthy lawn you need to understand what your soil needs. Check your soil pH levels and soil compaction readings, as these two have a big impact over the lawn or turf grass health. Organic matter in the soil is another essential factor. 

Spray the lawn with Ecoworm Humate, which is an organic microbial fertiliser extracted from vermicompost to inoculate the soil with micro-organisms and soluble nutrients. The microbes contained in the extract will start breaking down the organic matter into soluble plant food, and work on the soil by breaking up soil structure and eliminating compaction. This will allow water and air to easily enter the soil profile, and turf grass roots to penetrate deeper into the soil profile sourcing nutrients and water that were earlier out of reach. If you rebuild your soil health, your turf symptoms will vanish and you will end up having an amazing drought tolerant beautiful lawn that is resistant to both pest and disease attacks.

Ecoworm Humate is an organic fertiliser that will not pollute our ground water supplies. It will also prevent you from breathing in the poisonous dust that is found in chemical fertilisers when mowing the lawn, and will keep your children and pets safe when playing outside.

Ecoworm Humate - organic certified fertiliser extracted from worm castings.

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