Organic Pasture Fertiliser

Ecoworm Humate should be your primary choice for rebuilding chemical abused and depleted pastures, and horse paddock soils. While providing your turf grass the energy to grow under these harsh conditions, you aim to grow long root systems, as this is the only way your grass recovers well from grazing. Applying vermicompost based microbial fertiliser, which promotes root and healthy pasture grass growth, you will let the microbes contained in the extract rebuild the soil profile at the same time fertilise, de-compact the soil and help to reduce both pest and disease attacks on your pasture grass. 

Having large animals on the pasture has a big impact on its grass growth and soil condition. Compacted pasture is not able to put its roots down, therefore they grow sideways on top of this compacted soil. Since there is very little moisture available, the grass burns off quickly in the hot summer. Soil microbes live in the pore spaces between soil particles. They are the ones that open up the soil profile to allow air and water to enter deeper into the soil. Soil microbes eliminate soil compaction, whilst breaking down organic matter into humus and moving this organic matter deeper into the soil profile. Using Ecoworm Humate you not only bring your turf grass back to life in a natural and sustainable way, but also improve the animal health and soil nutrient content. By increasing nutrient content of your pasture, you improve your animals who are grazing the pasture vitality and well-being.

By using organic Ecoworm Humate vermicompost based microbial extract on your pasture you eliminate soil pH swings, soil compaction, regenerate your soil and turf grass, increase root depth, make pasture more drought tolerant, and improve the health of your animals grazing the pasture.

Are these not good enough reasons to choose Ecoworm Humate?

Ecoworm Humate - organic certified fertiliser extracted from worm castings.

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