Soil Extract For Fruits & Vegetables 1L

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Organic Growth Stimulant to ensure your plants grow big and healthy!

Ecoworm Soil Extract for Fruits & Vegetables is a highly concentrated liquid extracted from organic vermicompost. It contains a wide range of plant essential nutrients that together with vital soil microbes will bring your soil back to life ensuring healthy and sustainable growth of fruits and vegetables, whether they’re grown indoors, outdoors or in the greenhouse. Ecoworm Soil Extract is organic, sustainable and free from chemicals. This ensures that your homes and gardens are always safe for children, pets and wildlife.


1L makes up to 200L of organic plant feed!




  • organic & natural (certified by OF&G)
  • helps plants to grow stronger and live longer
  • stimulates germination, root & plant growth
  • enhances vitamin, sugar and protein levels
  • improves soil structure
  • provides plants with essential nutrients and aids in the suppression of pests and plant disease
  • helps plants to recover faster from replanting and climatic conditions
  • high in potash
  • no risk of burning the plants
  • environmentally friendly
  • safe for children, pets and wildlife









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Ecoworm Soil Extract can be used throughout the year. Simply dilute it with water and spray the plants or soak the soil around the base of each plant. Use on fruits, vegetables, ornamental plants, lawns, and other growing plants or soil around the house and garden. Start feeding when plants are actively growing. Apply during the coldest part of the day (early morning or late afternoon), avoiding direct UV rays. Ecoworm Soil Extract can be used alongside and in addition to other fertilisers, where its microbial components will optimise the release of nutrients.


Fruits & Vegetables in pots: 5ml extract/1L water, feed every 10-14 days

Fruits & Vegetables in soil: 50ml extract/10L water, feed every 10-14 days

Herbs: 5ml extract/1L water, feed every 14 days

Seed inoculation: 15ml extract/0.5L water, 12h before planting

Soil improvement: 30ml extract/10L water per 2-3m2




Avoid contact with direct UV rays, which can affect the beneficial biology in the extract.

Do not put any source of food into the bottle.

Do not keep diluted feed.


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2 reviews for Soil Extract For Fruits & Vegetables 1L

  1. Nettie

    You’ve maanegd a first class post

  2. Laurie

    I have now used Ecoworm Soil Extract for 2 years. My vegetables loved it and gave me the best veggies so far. It acts incredibly fast. Just after one application I could see the difference. Marvelous product that I will continue using every season.

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