Soil Extract for Lawns Multipack



Soil Extract for Lawns Multipack 3 x 1L


Organic Growth Stimulant to give you lush and healthy lawn!

Ecoworm Soil Extract for Lawns is a highly concentrated liquid, extracted from organic vermicompost. The unique combination of important main and trace elements, together with soil-revitalising micro-organisms, will give you lush and healthy lawn. Suitable for all lawn types.




  • organic liquid fertiliser extracted from vermicompost
  • creates healthy lawn and soil
  • gives bright and saturated colour
  • for use on all lawns (including newly seeded and sodded areas)
  • works as natural pest and disease control
  • helps lawns cope better in dry conditions and makes lawns more hardwearing
  • child and pet safe (can be let on lawn right after application)
  • does not burn lawns or leach out of soil
  • microorganisms help to deal with soil compaction naturally
  • makes up to 200L of feed









Dilute Soil Extract with water and apply evenly over the lawn. Can be used on all types of lawns. Feed from early spring to late autumn, depending on temperature and condition. Apply during the coldest part of the day (early morning or late afternoon), avoiding direct UV rays.


50ml extract/10L water per 3m2, feed once a month.

1L of concentrate covers 60m2 of lawn.




Avoid contact with direct UV rays, which can affect the beneficial biology in the extract.
 Do not put any source of food into the bottle. Do not keep diluted feed.


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