Soil Extract For Trees 1L

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Soil Extract for Trees & Bushes is specially formulated to stimulate high quality leaf, blossom and fruit growth for all ornamental and perennial fruit trees including apple, pear, plum and cherry trees.

Soil Extract is a 100% natural humic fertiliser made from vermicompost. The concentrated extract contains a full complex of humic, fulvic and amino acids with macro and micro elements, soil antibiotics, phyto-vitamins and micro-organisms for easy plant absorption.




  • improves soil structure;
  • stimulates germination, plant growth and crop yield;
  • improves root growth;
  • provides trees with essential nutrients and aids in the suppression of pests; and tree diseases;
  • helps trees to recover faster from mechanical damage, replanting and climatic conditions;
  • intensifies appearance of trees and fruit;
  • provides greater mineral and vitamin content;
  • increases resistance to drought and frosts;
  • reduces absorption of nitrates and heavy metals.



Recommended dosage

Berry plant, bush, and tree soaking: 50ml extract in 5 litres of water for 1-3 hours.

Improving planting hole soil, soil under the trees: 50ml extract in 10 litres of water per 1-2 plants.

Watering and spraying berry plants, fruit bushes & trees, blooming & evergreen bushes, conifers and other ornamental plants during active vegetation period: 50ml extract in 10 litres of water, per 1-2 plants or 200m² (2a).

Water under the spread of branches (crown spread) of bushes and trees.

Dilute Soil Extract with lukewarm water (15-25°C).



Recommended application frequency

Apply in the morning or evening, on a cloudy day, 1-2 times a month, focusing on the main plant growth stages.

1 review for Soil Extract For Trees 1L

  1. Ruth

    This stuff is amazing – tried everything to revive my dragon claw willows and this is the ONLY fertiliser that has ever worked this product is wonderful cant recommend it highly enough

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