Organic power brings it all together!

Whether you are a part time garden fanatic, full on farmer or just simply obsessed with a luscious garden lawn, we got you covered.

Our growing range of unique organic gardening products will ensure your plants grow big and strong without causing further harm to the precious world that surrounds us.

Soil Extract

A range of organic highly concentrated vermicompost extracts. Suitable for all plants, in all conditions.

Sapropel Extract

Unique organic fertiliser extracted from incredibly nutrient-rich sapropel (fresh water lake sediments).


Organic vermicompost extract with beneficial microbiology and high humic acid content.

Refillable Fertiliser

Refillable universal organic growth stimulant to save money and the environment.

Fish Meal

Organic source of plant nutrients required for healthy and strong plant growth.

Potassium Soap

Multipurpose organic horticultural soap to protect plants from pests and clean the garden.