Ecoworm Soil Extract is concentrated organic liquid fertiliser extracted from vermicompost, which restores fertility of your soil naturally..
Just like the nature intended.

Ecoworm products are completely natural humic fertilisers containing full complex of humic, fluvic and amino acids with macro and micro elements, soil antibiotics, phyto-vitamins and micro-organisms for easy plant absorption.

Our fertilisers are completely safe and certified organic. Unlike chemical fertilisers, they have absolutely no negative impact on the environment or its inhabitants. For the last seven years they have been tested by Europe’s farmers and gardeners giving magnificent results!

Ecoworm products are specially formulated to stimulate high quality plant growth in all conditions – whether it is indoors, outdoors or in the greenhouse. Unlike other organic fertilisers, our products have no bad smell, and are easy to apply by watering or spraying. They get absorbed by the plant quickly and act fast.

SUITABLE FOR: broad acre farming, home gardens, pastures, orchards, groves, ranges, vineyards, greenhouses, hydroponics, nurseries, plantations, golf courses, sport fields, schools.
USE IT ON: vegetables, fruits, flowers, trees, bushes, lawns, soil.


  • Improves soil structure.
  • Stimulates germination, plant growth and crop yield.
  • Improves root growth.
  • Provides plants with essential nutrients and aid in the suppression of pests and plant diseases.
  • Helps plants to recover faster from mechanical damage, replanting and climatic conditions.
  • Provides greater mineral and vitamin content.
  • Reduces absorption of nitrates and heavy metals.
  • Gives intense appearance of plant and fruit.
  • Increases resistance to drought and frosts.
  • Easy to store and long shelf life.
  • Soluble in water for easier, economical application, and faster effect.


Vermicompost is not just another waste reduction method, because in nature there is no waste. Everything is reused and made into something of a greater value for the sustenance of life. Over 100 years ago Charles Darwin was the first to observe the effect of Earthworms and castings they produced. The benefits of vermicompost, attained through an amazing interplay of biology, chemistry and microbiology sciences, led to the production of an extraordinary soil amendment and plant nutrient. Scientific studies have proved that treating plants with extracts of vermicompost result in better plant growth and decreased instances of disease.
Ecoworm Soil Extract is ideal if you are seeking for a product to rebuild your soil, while inoculating soil with full range of soil microbes required to cycle minerals and nutrients.


Whether you are a broad acre farmer or a hobby gardener, we got something for you!

Ecoworm offers a range of six different types of growth stimulants, which can be used on all plants in all conditions – whether it is inside the home, outside in the garden or in the greenhouse.

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For agricultural purposes we offer Ecoworm Humate, which is available in big quantities, such as 20L drums and 1000L IBCs.