Organic Sport Field Fertiliser

To grow a nice, thick, and healthy turf grass on a sporting field you need to go back a little further and fix the cause of the problem, instead of treating the visual symptoms. Repairing the soil structure and health, you will be able to grow far better turf grass, leading to a better playing surface that will require less maintenance.

When using chemicals fertilisers on your sport fields, you cause soil compaction, turf stress, pH level problems, excess thatch.. Big problems that can be eliminated by a more organic approach. Chemical fertilisers prevent you from keeping the soil profile healthy with irrigation and heavy rain leaching the chemicals out of the root zone into the ground water. This leads to pollution of our natural water supplies causing damages to our ecosystem. 

Chemical fertilisers are also dangerous for children, sport players, and maintaining staff who breathe in the dust, or come in close contact with the grass. If you want a sport field that has a softer surface, requires less water, has higher tolerance to both stress, pest, disease attacks, with no need to aerate or de- thatch the soil, then make a switch to Ecoworm Humate.

Ecoworm Humate will combat all the negative impact that chemical fertilisers have on our soils. Full of micro-biology it will cycle the nutrients for healthy turf growth, build soil structure, as well as, reduce pest and disease attacks naturally.

Ecoworm Humate - organic certified fertiliser extracted from worm castings.

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