We supply plastic free shops and garden centres


Going zero-waste is a recent trend that proves to have a lot of positive impact on the environment and the community.

Since we cannot make a big change right away, our company has partly joined the zero-waste movement and is now supplying garden centres, wholesalers, and zero-waste shops all across the UK and EU that are part of this simple, yet effective strategy to continue preserving our planet while helping the economy.


We offer Ecoworm Growth Stimulant for All Plants in 20L drums, which is a concentrated organic liquid fertiliser extracted from vermicompost, that restores fertility of the soil naturally. It is specially formulated to stimulate high quality plant growth in all conditions – whether it is outside, inside, or in the greenhouse. (read more about Ecoworm Soil Extract)


As we also wish to support the circular economy, we offer a circular process. Meaning that, whenever your 20L drum is empty, you can send it back to us for a refill, getting a discount on your next order!


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