Unleash Your Soil's Potential with Organic Soil Regenerator

Bring your garden to life with Ecoworm Soil Extract - a supercharged organic liquid vermicompost extract. This powerful solution contains a unique blend of worm castings and essential plant nutrients, designed to revitalise old soil and turn it into a thriving environment for your plants.

Ecoworm Soil Extract charges your soil into a nutrient factory, providing all the essential elements your plants need to grow and thrive. The worm castings in our product are loaded with a diverse pool of beneficial microbes and plant nutrients, ensuring that your soil will receive a powerful boost of nutrition.

With Ecoworm Soil Extract, you'll enjoy the following benefits:

  • Revitalising old soil and improving overall soil health
  • Boosting plant growth and health
  • Replenishing soil nutrients
  • Supporting a thriving ecosystem
  • Increasing the count of beneficial microbes in your soil


Our product is made with only the finest ingredient - organic worm castings - ensuring that your garden will receive the best possible foundation for growth. Give your plants the gift of life with Ecoworm Soil Extract.

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