Ecoworm Sapropel Extract

What is Ecoworm Sapropel Extract?

Ecoworm Sapropel Extract is a highly concentrated organic liquid fertiliser extracted from sapropel – incredibly nutrient-rich fresh water lake bottom sediments. Over 10,000 years of anaerobic biological treatment, the untouched nature has created one of the best organic fertilisers. Sapropel is a biologically active substance and contains the widest range of natural and biologically active materials, which are hard to find in other products in the market.

Sapropel is sutured with elements such as nitrogen, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, various amino acids, as well as humic acids and other organic natural substances and micro-elements. One of the main advantages of such biologically active product is the development of strong plant resistance to various disease, including root rot. Moreover, it helps to prevent the development of malignant bacteria. 

The unique combination of organics, vitamins and microelements found in sapropel is able to restore exhausted soil, by reactivating soil functions, and bringing fertility back by forming humus. It makes nutrients available in their raw balanced form, and has high levels of organic matter humification. Sapropel based organic fertiliser stimulates plant growth and increases plant productivity, improves soil structure, and gives long-term soil stability.

Extracting sapropel causes no harm to the environment as only organic sediments resulting from freshwater management are collected during the cleaning of the lake bottom.

Ecoworm Sapropel Extract is natural, safe for the environment and its inhabitants, corresponds to all the EU standards and regulations, and is certified organic by OF&G.


What can it be used on?

Ecoworm Sapropel Extract can be applied on all growing indoor and outdoor plants and soil types. 

USE ON: all plants, fruits, vegetables, lawns, flowers, trees and shrubs, soil…





  • organic & natural (certified by OF&G)
  • improved soil structure and fertility
  • increased humus levels
  • stimulated germination and plant growth
  • increased crop yield
  • increased water-holding capacity of the soil
  • improved root growth
  • improved germination capacity of seeds
  • reduced pest and disease attacks
  • increased resistance to drought and frost
  • soluble in water for easier, economical application and faster effect
  • easy storage and transportation
  • environmentally friendly
  • safe for children, pets and wildlife
  • easy to store and long shelf life
  • highly concentrated and water soluble for easier, economical application, and faster effect



  • greater mineral and vitamin content in crops
  • better taste and look of organically grown vegetables
  • no ingestion of chemicals
  • greater mineral and vitamin content in crops
  • better taste and look of organically grown vegetables
  • no ingestion of chemicals



  • no negative impact on the environment and its inhabitants
  • reduced lower ground water pollution by not contaminating water courses
  • reduced soil erosion by improving soil structure and water holding capacity
  • reduced soil compaction, thatch and crop residue


How should it be applied?

Ecoworm Sapropel Extract is applied as a liquid spray or by watering can onto plant leaf surfaces or as a soil drench. Apply Ecoworm Sapropel Extract on plants during the main plant growth stages for immediate uptake and coat seed at sowing for greater strike rate.

Apply during the coldest part of the day, such as early morning or late afternoon, so that UV rays do not affect the beneficial biology. When it is raining, the growth stimulant can be applied at any time, as the micro-organisms will use this available moisture to colonise the plant and soil, while being protected from the UV rays.

Ecoworm Sapropel Extract is also compatible with other fertilisers. It is environmentally friendly and does not contaminate water courses. It is highly recommended to use on depleted, saline, and eroded soils with damaged structure and soils treated with chemical fertilisers for a long period of time. Apply on good structured soil (not waterlogged or compacted).



Ecoworm Sapropel Extract can be stored for years if out of direct sunlight. Store at 5-30ºC.

  • Can't believe the results on my lupins and peonies using Sapropel. It's clearly given them the nutrient boost they needed. - Kirsten (myhome farm)

  • Onions fed with Ecoworm Sapropel Extract.

    - Shaun (perrys_allotment)

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