Glinwell plc: A Testimony of Success in Horticulture with Ecoworm Humate

At Ecoworm, we are always delighted to receive feedback from our customers about their experiences with our products. Today, we would like to share the inspiring journey of Todd Moxey from Glinwell plc, an avid horticulturist who has been using Ecoworm Humate in various settings. Todd's feedback showcases the versatility and effectiveness of Ecoworm Humate, as well as some valuable insights on optimal usage. Let's dive into his remarkable story.


Enhancing Horticultural Practices: Todd's work in intensive horticulture and his personal gardening ventures provided an ideal testing ground for Ecoworm Humate. He applied our product in different ways: as a soil amendment in a trial section, as a foliar spray on organic cucumbers and hydroponic tomatoes, and as a biostimulant for a large organic cucumber block.


Increased Quality and Disease Prevention: Todd's observations revealed exciting results. One notable enhancement was the increased % Brix of leaves and fruit, a clear indicator of improved produce quality. Compared to conventional methods and other product trials, the Ecoworm lanes consistently showed higher Brix levels, reflecting the superior nutritional value and taste of the crops.

Furthermore, in Todd's hydroponic tomato trial, regular foliar applications of Ecoworm Humate every two weeks led to a significant reduction in powdery mildew, demonstrating its efficacy as a preventive measure against this common disease.


Optimal Application and Lessons Learned: While Todd's experiences with Ecoworm Humate were largely positive, he also shared valuable insights regarding optimal usage. In his organic cucumber foliar applications, he initially observed quick greening and vigorous growth. However, he encountered an issue of overapplication later in the season, leading to increased aphid pressure. Todd attributed this to already abundant nitrogen levels in the soil and stressed the importance of considering the soil's nutrient balance before applying additional inputs.

Nevertheless, Todd found that when applied in low doses as a foliar spray or when the soil lacked adequate nutrients, Ecoworm Humate provided a tremendous boost. Its positive impact on Brix levels and overall produce quality remained undeniable.


A Sustainable Solution: Todd's most recent use of Ecoworm Humate in his organic cucumber block showcased its sustainability benefits. By breaking down old root residue and increasing the carbon content in the soil, Ecoworm Humate helped create a healthier environment for the new crop. Moreover, the humic carbon content played a crucial role in keeping nematodes at bay, a significant advantage for organic growers.



Todd's journey with Ecoworm Humate serves as a testament to its effectiveness in intensive horticulture. His experiences highlight the product's ability to enhance crop quality, prevent diseases, and support sustainable agricultural practices. Furthermore, his insights on optimal application shed light on the importance of understanding soil conditions and nutrient balance when using our product.

At Ecoworm, we are committed to developing innovative solutions that promote healthier plants and a more sustainable planet. Todd's feedback encourages us to continue our mission and explore further possibilities for Ecoworm Humate.

If you're ready to elevate your horticultural practices and achieve remarkable results, join the growing community of Ecoworm users. Experience the power of Ecoworm Humate and witness the transformative impact it can have on your crops.

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