The Winning Combination of Ecoworm Soil Extract and Plantsurge

When it comes to achieving gardening success, finding the right combination of products can take plants to new heights. Ecowowrm Soil Extract, our premium vermicompost extract, has proven to be an excellent fertiliser on its own. However, when combined with Plantsurge, a magnetic water softener our gardeners have observed remarkable results that can only be described as magical!

Kirsten and Mars from My Home Farm conducted a three-month trial over the spring season to determine the impact of Ecoworm and Plantsurge on their vegetable seedlings. The results were truly astonishing!


The Trial Setup

During the trial, four control groups were established, each receiving different treatments:

Group A: Tap water alone
Group B: Plantsurge magnetised water
Group C: Ecoworm Soil Extract with tap water
Group D: Ecoworm Soil Extract with Plantsurge magnetised water

All groups were treated equally and had three pots assigned to them.

The Remarkable Results


Out of all the groups, Group D, which received the combined treatment of Ecoworm Soil Extract and Plantsurge magnetised water, stood out as the clear winner. Here are the notable observations made during the trial:

Consistent Growth: The plants in Group D demonstrated exceptional consistency in their growth. They grew significantly taller, appeared more robust, and developed sturdy stems and leaves. The uniformity in height across all the plants in this group was particularly remarkable.

Improved Root Systems: The combination of Ecoworm Soil Extract and Plantsurge seemed to have a positive impact on root development. The plants in Group D exhibited strong and healthy root systems, indicating enhanced nutrient absorption and improved overall plant health.

Impressive Leaf Quality: The leaves of the plants in Group D showcased exceptional vitality. They appeared lush, vibrant and displayed a healthy green colour. The combination of Ecoworm Soil Extract and Plantsurge contributed to leaf quality and vigour.

Enhanced Plant Strength: Group D plants were notably stronger compared to the other groups. Their stems were sturdy, enabling them to withstand environmental stresses more effectively. This strength translated into overall plant resilience and health.

The trial conducted by Kirsten and Mars from My Home Farm clearly demonstrated the extraordinary results achieved when using the combination of Ecoworm Soil Extract and Plantsurge magnetised water. The plants in Group D exhibited consistent growth, impressive root systems, vibrant leaf quality, and enhanced strength.

By harnessing the power of nature through Ecoworm Soil Extract's nutrient-rich vermicompost and the beneficial effects of Plantsurge's magnetic water treatment, gardeners can unlock the full potential of their plants and witness remarkable transformations in their gardens.

Whether you are growing vegetables, flowers, or any other plants, consider incorporating the winning combination of Ecoworm Soil Extract and Plantsurge into your gardening routine. Experience the magic of this remarkable duo and elevate your garden to new heights of success.

Join the growing community of gardeners who have discovered the secret recipe for garden success with Ecoworm and Plantsurge. Prepare to be amazed by the results and enjoy the bountiful rewards of a flourishing garden!