Ecoworm Soil Extract

What is Ecoworm Soil Extract?

Ecoworm Soil Extract is not a worm-tea type of product but a highly concentrated organic liquid extracted from high-quality vermicompost. It restores the fertility of the soil naturally without the use of harmful chemicals. The growth stimulant contains a range of plant essential nutrients and vital soil microbes that regenerate soil and ensure sustainable and healthy plant growth. 

Ecoworm Soil Extract can be used on all plants in all conditions, whether grown indoors, outdoors or in the greenhouse. It is an environmentally friendly natural alternative for boosting plant health as well as resistance to pests and diseases. Also certified by Organic Farmers & Growers (OF&G), which allows it to be used in organic systems.


Ecoworm Soil Extract

  1. Feeds plants & micro life
  2. Protects plants from pests & diseases 
  3. Regenerates soil








  • Improves taste and appearance of plant & fruit
  • Stimulates germination and healthy plant growth
  • Improves root growth 
  • Helps plant recovery from replanting
  • Increases resistance to droughts and frosts
  • Heightens resistance to pests and diseases
  • Attracts earthworms to soil 
  • Maximises soil water-holding capacity
  • De-compacts soil and improves structure
  • Dilutes in water for easier application and faster effect
  • Limitless shelf life and ease of storage
  • No negative impact on the environment
  • Not harmful for children, pets & wildlife


What can it be used on?

Ecoworm Soil Extract can be applied on all growing indoor and outdoor plants and soil types. 

USE ON: all plants, fruits, vegetables, lawns, flowers, trees and shrubs, soil…




Effectiveness of vermicompost

Vermicompost is not just another waste reduction method, because in nature there is no waste. Everything is reused and made into something of a greater value for the sustenance of life. Over 100 years ago Charles Darwin was the first to observe the effect of earthworms and castings they produced. Benefits of vermicompost, attained through an amazing interplay of biology, chemistry and microbiology sciences, led to the production of an extraordinary soil amendment and plant nutrients. Scientific studies have proved that treating plants with extracts of vermicompost result in better plant growth and decreased instances of disease. Ecoworm Soil Extract is ideal if you are seeking for a product to rebuild your soil, while inoculating it with full range of soil microbes required to cycle minerals and nutrients.


How is Ecoworm Soil Extract produced?

We have spent a decade developing products that are natural and biologically based to rebuild depleted chemical abused soils. We have developed world’s leading technology in extracting soil microbes from vermicompost and this technology is only operated by us and only available on our site. Ecoworm Soil Extract is produced by the following steps below:

Step 1: Farming earthworms - Feed worms with organic waste and collect their castings.

Step 2: Removing earthworms - Place earthworms in newly created compost heaps to continue the production cycle.

Step 3: Producing extract - Load the worm castings into specifically engineered machinery, separating liquid from solids.

Step 4: Preserving microbiology, nutrients and beneficial properties - Extract liquid keeping the microbes alive, maintaining them in a dormant state.

Step 5: Packaging product- Fill bottles/containers with the concentrated liquid, and prepare for shipment. 



Ecoworm Soil Extract is applied as a liquid spray or by watering can onto plant leaf surfaces or as a soil drench to re-apply all the beneficial micro-organisms and nutrients that the soil and plants require. Apply the extract during the main growing stages for immediate uptake and/or coat seeds at sowing for greater strike rate.

Apply Ecoworm Soil Extract during the coldest part of the day, such as early morning or late afternoon, so that UV rays do not affect the beneficial biology. When it is raining, the fertiliser can be applied at any time, as the micro-organisms will use this available moisture to colonise the plant and soil, while being protected from the UV rays.

Ecoworm Soil Extract is compatible with other organic fertilisers. It is environmentally friendly and does not contaminate water courses. 


Never put anything into your Ecoworm Soil Extract bottle/container!
Keep it out of direct sun light!
Do not keep diluted feed for later. Use it right away!



Ecoworm Soil Extract can be stored for years if out of direct sunlight, and in a rather cool place. One of our company’s benefits is that with our developed technology we are able to store our growth stimulant without the microbes dying. The micro-organisms in the extract fall asleep and wake up once they get oxygen. This is one of the biggest problems of our competitors, whose aerated worm teas and compost teas must be used within hours of brew aeration finishing.


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“I bought these two orchids two years ago. They had lovely flowers on them, but once the flowers died, the plant went downhill. I was about to throw these old orchid plants as they had done nothing but barely survive for over 1 1/2 years. But then I tried some Ecoworm Soil Extract on them, and in no time at all they started sending out new branches, and look at them now. Incredible amount of flowers. It has really made a massive difference”. – Ian (flowers_food_garden)

Fargesia Robusta Campbell after 5 months of growth. These bamboos were fed at least once a month using Ecoworm Soil Extract. (Scottish Bamboo)

  • “I am a hot sauce producer, but I take my growing seriously too. I have used Ecoworm plant food to help them and really pleased with the results.” – James (Haskhell’s Hot Sauce)

  • "Look at these bad boys! I’m super pleased with the size they’ve reached. These are autumn-sown Japanese White onions and they’ve done really well. I’ve been using Ecoworm Soil Extract so would definitely recommend!" - Sarah (diggingduggans)

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  • My first full harvest of tomatoes this year. There are many varieties here. Thanks to Ecoworm Soil Extract for their amazing liquid fertiliser which I used this year. – Ian (flowers_food_garden)

  • Absolutely amazed at the size of my Butternut Squash/Pumpkins this year. This one weighed in at 4.171KG. I have others this size as well. Thanks to Ecoworm Soil Extract for their fantastic liquid fertilisers. – Ian (flowers_food_garden)

Happy nectarine trees fed with Ecoworm Soil Extract. - Shaun (perrys_allotment)

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