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Ecoworm Soil Extract for Lawns 1L

Ecoworm Soil Extract for Lawns 1L

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Organic Growth Stimulant to give you lush and healthy lawn!

Ecoworm Soil Extract for Lawns is a highly concentrated liquid extracted from organic vermicompost. The unique combination of important main and trace elements, together with soil-revitalising micro-organisms will give you lush and healthy lawn. Ecoworm Soil Extract is organic, sustainable and free from chemicals. This ensures that your homes and gardens are always safe for children, pets and wildlife. Suitable for all lawn types.

  1. Feeds plants & micro life
  2. Protects plants from pests & diseases 
  3. Regenerates soil 



  • organic & natural (certified by OF&G)
  • creates healthy lawn and soil
  • gives bright and saturated colour
  • for use on all lawns (including newly seeded and sodded areas)
  • works as natural pest and disease control
  • helps lawns cope better in dry conditions and makes lawns more hardwearing
  • child and pet safe (can be let on lawn right after application)
  • does not burn lawns or leach out of soil
  • microorganisms help to deal with soil compaction naturally
  • environmentally friendly

1L makes up to 200L organic lawn feed and covers 60m2.

Dosage & Application

Ecoworm Soil Extract is applied as a liquid spray or by watering can onto plant leaf surfaces or as a soil drench to re-apply all the beneficial micro-organisms and nutrients that the soil and plants require. Apply the extract during the main growing stages for immediate uptake and/or coat seeds at sowing for a greater strike rate.

Apply Ecoworm Soil Extract during the coldest part of the day, such as an early morning or late afternoon, so that UV rays do not affect the beneficial biology. When it is raining, the fertiliser can be applied at any time, as the micro-organisms will use this available moisture to colonise the plant and soil, while being protected from the UV rays.

Ecoworm Soil Extract is compatible with other organic fertilisers. It is environmentally friendly and does not contaminate water courses.

Fruit & Veg: 50ml extract/10L water, feed every 10-14, per 2m².
Fruit Trees: 100ml extract/10L water, feed every 14-30, per 3 trees.
Shrubs: 50ml extract/10L water, every 14, per 3 plants.
Flowers: 50ml extract/10L water, every 14, per 2m².
Lawn: 50ml extract/10L water, every 30, per 3m².
Seed inoculation: 15ml extract/0.5L water, 12h before planting.
Soil improvement: 30ml extract/10L water per 2-3m2.


Never put anything into your Ecoworm Soil Extract bottle/container!
Keep it out of direct sunlight!
Do not keep diluted feed for later. Use it right away!


How do the ‘perfect dose’ 1L Soil Extract bottles work?

To get the needed dose of the Soil Extract, open the dosator cap and squeeze the bottle to get the desired dosage. No more mess!

Do Ecoworm Soil Extracts smell bad?

No, unlike other organic fertilisers, our products do not smell bad and can be used indoors.

Ecoworm Soil Extract is a living product. Explain?

Our products contain living, dormant micro-organisms, that are ready to wake up and start working by repairing degraded soils, and cycling nutrients and minerals into the organic state for plant consumption. They wake up when in contact with water.

All the biology settled at the bottom of the container. What to do?

Gently shake the bottle/container to mix everything up. The product is not old, nor useless. The microorganisms sometimes stick together to keep themselves comfortable. Since Ecoworm products are chemical-free and natural, this is normal.

What NOT to do with Ecoworm Soil Extract?

Do not store the products in direct sunlight, as it will kill the microorganisms. Do not put anything (including water) into the container. Do not keep diluted feed, as after a day or two it will turn into a useless, stinky liquid.

Can I mix Ecoworm products with other organic fertilisers.

Yes, our products are compatible with other organic fertilisers. Do not mix with chemicals!


Can I mix Ecoworm products with pesticides?

Do not mix with pesticides, as this will kill the beneficial biology in the extract.


What’s the difference between worm castings and Ecoworm products?

Ecoworm products are liquid. Nutrients are soluble and can be immediately taken up by plants. Liquid fertilisers make it easier to control application rates and nutrient levels. Easier storage, application, and transportation. Convenience and cost-efficiency.


What is the difference between Ecoworm products and worm tea?

Worm tea is usually made from diluting worm castings with water. Ecoworm products are more effective and advanced. We have developed world-leading technology in extracting soil microbes from worm castings, which extracts microbes, nutrients and all the beneficial properties of the vermicompost into a concentrated liquid solution without damaging the biology.

Are Ecoworm products safe?

Ecoworm products are natural and safe for humans and pets. They are environmentally friendly and do not contaminate water courses. 


Can Ecoworm products be used in organic farming/gardening?

All our products are natural and organic. Ecoworm Soil Extracts are certified organic by OF&G.


Can Ecoworm products be bought outside of the UK?

You can only buy our products from our website if you are based in the UK. However, we sell and ship our products worldwide. Contact us at to place an order.


Ecoworm Soil Extract can be stored for years if out of direct sunlight, in a dark, cool place between 5-30°C.


COMPOSITION (in dry matter): total nitrogen (N) – 8.8%; ammonia nitrogen (N-NH4) - 0.3%;
phosphorus pentoxide (P2O5) – 4.3%; potassium oxide(K2O) – 25.1%; magnesium oxide (MgO) –
9.1%; calcium oxide (CaO) – 1.8%; sulphur trioxide (SO3) – 2.0%; organic carbon (C) – 22.5%; humic
acids – 24.1%; fulvic acids – 6.3%; organic matter – 45.5%; dry matter - 0.9%; pH 10~11.

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Fargesia Robusta Campbell after 5 months of growth. These bamboos were fed at least once a month using Ecoworm Soil Extract. (Scottish Bamboo)

“I bought these two orchids two years ago. They had lovely flowers on them, but once the flowers died, the plant went downhill. I was about to throw these old orchid plants as they had done nothing but barely survive for over 1 1/2 years. But then I tried some Ecoworm Soil Extract on them, and in no time at all they started sending out new branches, and look at them now. Incredible amount of flowers. It has really made a massive difference”. – Ian (flowers_food_garden)

  • “I am a hot sauce producer, but I take my growing seriously too. I have used Ecoworm plant food to help them and really pleased with the results.” – James (Haskhell’s Hot Sauce)

  • "Look at these bad boys! I’m super pleased with the size they’ve reached. These are autumn-sown Japanese White onions and they’ve done really well. I’ve been using Ecoworm Soil Extract so would definitely recommend!" - Sarah (diggingduggans)

  • My first full harvest of tomatoes this year. There are many varieties here. Thanks to Ecoworm Soil Extract for their amazing liquid fertiliser which I used this year. – Ian (flowers_food_garden)

  • Absolutely amazed at the size of my Butternut Squash/Pumpkins this year. This one weighed in at 4.171KG. I have others this size as well. Thanks to Ecoworm Soil Extract for their fantastic liquid fertilisers. – Ian (flowers_food_garden)

Happy nectarine trees fed with Ecoworm Soil Extract. - Shaun (perrys_allotment)