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Ecoworm Humate 20L

Ecoworm Humate 20L

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Ecoworm Humate is a highly concentrated liquid extract produced from the highest grade organic vermicompost, containing beneficial soil microbes, plant available nutrients and minerals. Ecoworm Humate is being used as a fertiliser, re-builder, conditioner, and works as natural pest and disease control.

Ecoworm Humate is a living product and is full of dormant micro-organisms, that are ready to wake up and start working by repairing degraded soils, and cycling nutrients and minerals into organic state for the plant consumption. The extract is organic and chemical free, therefore is safe to use around humans, pets and in environmentally sensitive areas.

1. Feeds plants and micro-life.

2. Naturally protects plants from pests and disease.

3. Regenerates the soil by repairing its health.


Ecoworm Humate can be applied on all growing plants and soil types. It can be used as foliar spray, seed inoculant and in fertigation systems.

Suitable for: farming, gardens, orchards, groves, pastures, ranges, vineyards, greenhouses, hydroponics, nurseries, plantations, golf courses, stadiums, schools.



  • Increased soil fertility and structure
  • Increased humus levels
  • Stimulated germination, plant growth and crop yield
  • Increased metabolism of micro-organisms
  • Increased P, K, Fe, Cu, Zn, Ca uptake
  • Greater mineral and vitamin content in crops
  • Improved root growth
  • Increased natural plant resistance to pests and diseases
  • Source of humic, fulvic acids, growth enzymes, vitamins and minerals
  • Increases resistance to drought and frosts
  • Environmentally friendly product
  • Soluble in water for easier, economical application and faster effect


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Dosage & Application

Ecoworm Humate is applied as a liquid spray or by watering can onto plant leaf surfaces or as a soil drench to re-apply all the beneficial micro-organisms and nutrients that the soil and plants require. Apply Ecoworm Humate on plants during the growth stage for immediate uptake and coat seed at sowing for greater strike rate. Fertiliser can be applied using normal agricultural spray equipment, with increased jet size so that there is no harm for the micro-organisms during the application. Use low pressure when fertilising, so that micro-organisms do not get killed.

Mix 10L-20L/ha with water according to the calibration on your sprayer. E.g. If your sprayer puts out 100L per hectare, use 90-80L of water with every 10L-20L of Ecoworm Humate. The water rate is not critical. It acts as a carrier to distribute 10L-20L/ha across plants and/or seeds if doing in-furrow fertilisation.
Ecoworm Humate can be easily adapted to fertigation systems.

Lawn / Pasture:
Apply 10-20L/ha in growth times
such as Autumn and Spring or
other growth opportunities due to
irrigation or seasonal influences.
There is no stock withholding
period. Animals may even remain
in the paddock during spraying.

1. Inoculate seed with Ecoworm
Humate at 10L/tonne or use in
liquid inject systems at 10L/ha.
2. Apply 10-20L/ha of Ecoworm
Humate at the 3-leaf stage.
3. Apply 10-20L/ha as a top dress-
ing if required.

Horticulture / Viticulture /

Apply Ecoworm Humate 3 to 4
times a year up till harvest with no
withholding period.


How is it produced?
We have spent a decade developing products that are natural and biologically based to rebuild depleted chemical abused soils. We have developed the world’s leading technology in extracting soil microbes from vermicompost and this technology is only operated by us and only available on our site. Ecoworm Soil Extract is produced by the following steps below:

Step 1: Farming earthworms - Feed worms with organic waste and collect their castings.
Step 2: Removing earthworms - Place earthworms in newly created compost heaps to continue the production cycle.
Step 3: Producing extract - Load the worm castings into specifically engineered machinery, separating liquid from solids.
Step 4: Preserving microbiology, nutrients and beneficial properties - Extract liquid keeping the microbes alive, maintaining them in a dormant state.
Step 5: Packaging product- Fill bottles/containers with the concentrated liquid, and prepare for shipment.


Ecoworm Soil Extract can be stored for years if out of direct sunlight, in a dark, cool place between 5-30°C. One of our company’s benefits is that with our developed technology we are able to store our growth stimulant without the micro-biology dying. This is one of the biggest problems of our competitors, whose aerated worm teas and compost teas must be used within hours of brew aeration finishing.


In dry matter: total nitrogen (N) – 8.7%; ammoniacal nitrogen
(N-NH4) - 0.25%; phosphorus pentoxide (P2O5) – 4.3%;
potassium oxide(K2O) – 25.1%; magnesium oxide
(MgO) – 9.0%; calcium oxide (CaO) – 1.8%; sulphur
trioxide (SO3) – 2.0%; organic carbon (C) – 22.4%;
humic acids – 24.1%; fulvic acids – 6.3%; organic
matter – 45.5%; dry matter - 0.9%; pH 10~11.

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Strong results on the pumpkins and squashes

“We are currently ahead in terms of fruit size from last year and crops are encouragingly heavy and linear, our disease resistance across the crops has been relatively strong and we are aware upon talking to other suppliers that the growing season has taken it’s toll this year, which we have not noticed. We are certainly happy with our first year applying Ecoworm Humate and look forward to more field tests in the future.”

– Mike Ashby (Horticulture and Ecology Manager at spadework)

Incredible results on bamboos

Fargesia Robusta Campbellafter 5 months of growth. These bamboos were fed at least once a month using vermicompost extract. (Scottish Bamboo)

Healthy soil and a great looking lawn

“I’m just a keen amateur lawn enthusiast who is learning on the ‘mow’ picking up tips and inspiration from one week to the next. I came across Ecoworm Humate product by chance and have applied it for approx 2 years. I did a full lawn renovation as shown on my instagram page and before I sowed the seed and regularly through the early growing stages I sprayed with Ecoworm the result is in the above picture. I continue to spray every 4 weeks which I firmly believe contributes to healthy soil and a great looking lawn.”

– Den Hutchinson (Den's instagram)