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Ecoworm Fish Meal 1.8kg

Ecoworm Fish Meal 1.8kg

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Ecoworm Fish Meal is an organic fertiliser which improves soil texture, water holding capacity, and aeration. It encourages healthy plant growth and green foliage, promotes root growth, and improves development of flowers and fruits, ensuring high biological value of cultivated crops. Ecoworm Fish Meal releases nutrients gradually without the risk of burning or over-fertilising the plants and is safe for the environment and its inhabitants.

Suitable for cultivation of nightshades (tomatoes, peppers), cucurbits (cucumbers, pumpkin, squash, etc.), root vegetables (beets, carrots, radish, etc.)

Dosage & Application

Ecoworm Fish Meal with natural nutrients can be applied prior to sowing or planting and as needed throughout the growing season.

During soil preparation/planting time: sprinkle 200g-400g/m2 evenly over the soil and mix in well. During dry weather water well after sowing seeds and planting out.

Planting seedlings into soil: pour 20-40g (1-2 tablespoons) of fertiliser into the planting hole and work into the soil.

Additional fertilisation: sprinkle 100-200g/m2 evenly over the soil around established plants. Gently work it into the soil surface without disturbing the plant roots and water in thoroughly.


Store in a cool, dry, frost-free place, away from children and pets.


NPK 6-4-0.4; humidity-max.12%; organic matter -min 60%; pH 6.5.

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