Ecoworm Humate Reviews

  • Strong results on the pumpkins and squashes

    “We are currently ahead in terms of fruit size from last year and crops are encouragingly heavy and linear, our disease resistance across the crops has been relatively strong and we are aware upon talking to other suppliers that the growing season has taken it’s toll this year, which we have not noticed. We are certainly happy with our first year applying Ecoworm Humate and look forward to more field tests in the future.” Read more..

    – Mike Ashby (Horticulture and Ecology Manager at spadework)

  • Healthy soil and a great looking lawn

    “I’m just a keen amateur lawn enthusiast who is learning on the ‘mow’ picking up tips and inspiration from one week to the next. I came across Ecoworm Humate product by chance and have applied it for approx 2 years. I did a full lawn renovation as shown on my instagram page and before I sowed the seed and regularly through the early growing stages I sprayed with Ecoworm the result is in the above picture. I continue to spray every 4 weeks which I firmly believe contributes to healthy soil and a great looking lawn.”

    – Den Hutchinson (view Den’s instagram)

Glinwell plc: A Testimony of Success in Horticulture with Ecoworm Humate

Todd's journey with Ecoworm Humate serves as a testament to its effectiveness in intensive horticulture. His experiences highlight the product's ability to enhance crop quality, prevent diseases, and support sustainable agricultural practices. Furthermore, his insights on optimal application shed light on the importance of understanding soil conditions and nutrient balance when using our product.


Fargesia Robusta Campbell after 5 months of growth. These bamboos were fed at least once a month using vermicompost extract. (Scottish Bamboo)

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