Ecoworm Soil Extract Reviews

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“I bought these two orchids two years ago. They had lovely flowers on them, but once the flowers died, the plant went downhill. I was about to throw these old orchid plants as they had done nothing but barely survive for over 1 1/2 years. But then I tried some Ecoworm Soil Extract on them, and in no time at all they started sending out new branches, and look at them now. Incredible amount of flowers. It has really made a massive difference”. – Ian (flowers_food_garden)

Fargesia Robusta Campbell after 5 months of growth. These bamboos were fed at least once a month using Ecoworm Soil Extract. (Scottish Bamboo)

  • “I am a hot sauce producer, but I take my growing seriously too. I have used Ecoworm plant food to help them and really pleased with the results.” – James (Haskhell’s Hot Sauce)

  • "Look at these bad boys! I’m super pleased with the size they’ve reached. These are autumn-sown Japanese White onions and they’ve done really well. I’ve been using Ecoworm Soil Extract so would definitely recommend!" - Sarah (diggingduggans)

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  • My first full harvest of tomatoes this year. There are many varieties here. Thanks to Ecoworm Soil Extract for their amazing liquid fertiliser which I used this year. – Ian (flowers_food_garden)

  • Absolutely amazed at the size of my Butternut Squash/Pumpkins this year. This one weighed in at 4.171KG. I have others this size as well. Thanks to Ecoworm Soil Extract for their fantastic liquid fertilisers. – Ian (flowers_food_garden)

Happy nectarine trees fed with Ecoworm Soil Extract. - Shaun (perrys_allotment)

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